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Business Assessment Matrix:

“Keys to Growing a Winning Business”


Throughout the development of business ventures numerous issues arise that require considerable thought and careful analysis. Some issues more  trivial and will have less of an impact on the potential success of your business than others. Your job is to insure the most important issues that represent the keys to your success receive the appropriate attention.  The Business Assessment Matrix (BAM) helps you identify the critical issues, related to your venture. This allows you to , remediate weaknesses, build on strengths and increase your chances for capitalization and success.

One way of determining whether you have a “hit” on your hands is to evaluate your business venture with a standardized proven assessment tool. This includes both self-assessment as well as  input from your management team, consultants and others who can weigh in on the potential success of your venture.  Results from several reviewers with different expectations certainly opens the door for conversations that ultimately will lead to improvements to  your venture.

Our BAM product is unique

So, what is unique about the BAM? After many years of consulting experience, BAM authors determined that business owners gain a better understanding of their ventures if discussions focus separately on the “Deal” and the “Company”.  This fresh perspective invariably results in more creative ideas and constructive changes that make companies more competitive and more profitable.  Isn’t that the name of the game? After all, creating a successful business usually results from success in the marketplace, improved productivity and profit from operations.

The “DEAL” and the “COMPANY”

The BAM recognizes strengths and weaknesses from the two distinct perspectives of your business:


• The “DEAL” (the bundle of products and/or services that your business offers to the marketplace)

     • The “COMPANY” (the organization, operations, strategies, infrastructure, business model, and other components necessary to bring the products and services of the "DEAL" to markets and create a sustainable business venture.

Products and Solutions for your Business

The “DEAL”



Our Business Assessment Matrix product analyzes your business in 14 separate categories, to give you an in-depth analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses.


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“Keys to Growing a Winning Business”

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How the BAM works:

• Once you’ve successfully entered the required registration information you will have access to a free online BAM.

• Read the questions and choose your answers. You may complete all sections of the assessment at one time, or choose to return and finish it later.

• After completing the Business Assessment Matrix and insuring you are comfortable with all your responses, you must “finalize” it. Your responses are then tabulated and your overall scores displayed on your individualized Matrix graph, illustrating how your business compares to an ideal, successful business.

• Additional help and suggestions are available in the FAQ section.

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